Our mission

Micro parts for great ideas

  • Roue d’échappement / Roue d’ancre
  • microcomposant dents fendues
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Micro components

We manufacture micro components for horology movements or micro technology mechanisms with both high precision and imaginative, flexible designs. Our methods of industrial manufacturing can be adapted as much for fast prototypes as for large volumes, enabling the manufacturing of escapement components that are 100% non-magnetic and inoxydables.

Micro moulds

Exceed the limits of miniaturisation with our mould inserts with surface cavity and of unprecedented precision. The impression obtained by electroforming provides a hardness and resistance to everyday wear and allows the injection of a wide variety of plastics.

  • Insert de moule Microfluidique
  • Micro moulds
MEMS probes

MEMS probes

Our MEMS Probes, fabricated in a new patented alloy, have been rigorously tested and validated by the microelectronic industry. Millions of touch-downs have been achieved on specific IC’s and measuring within a wide temperature range (-55°c to 175°C) is now possible.

The great imagination behind the design of our technologies, combined with the optimal electrical conductivity of our LigaFlex materials presents a huge advantage over the traditional methods of our competitors.


Mimotec provides an assembly service for escapements pinion and for the components of adjustment wheels. The axes can either be subcontracted within the Acrotec Group or delivered directly by the contractor.

Roues à rattrapages de jeux assemblées

Authentication solutions

The CLR-Liga provides a simple and fast method for authenticating your products. It also constitutes an effective protection against counterfeiting without necessitating any cumbersome infrastructures. A simple laser pointer suffices for the authentication of the product. Extremely discreet, the CLR-LIGA can be applied to micro mechanical components as well as to plastic injected parts.