Discover the latest technologies and innovations on UV-Liga and assembly

EPHJ, the world’s largest trade show for high precision, subcontracting in watchmaking and jewelry, microtechnologies and medical technologies, returns for a 2022 edition, from june 14 to 17 at palexpo geneva.

Meet Mimotec on the Acrotec Group booth g-h35 and discover the latest technologies and innovations: sub-assemblies assembly, beveling on liga components, non-magnetic liga materials with high elastic properties or non-magnetic exhausts.

Non-magnetic assembled LIGA anchor

In order to meet the expectations of its customers, Mimotec offers LIGA components on which assembly operations (T0) can be proposed. Whether it is for escapement components, chronograph cores, jumpers or any other component, they will be able to carry out your projects whatever they are. Their equipment allows them to meet requests for volumes of up to 5000 units per year.

Beveling on a rocker and LIGA holding plate

In a desire to deliver the best possible parts, Mimotec will offer LIGA components with high quality decorative bevels from 2022. They can also extend their offer for screw cores or machining operations that would not be possible with the LIGA process. These optional finishes are applicable to all of their materials, which are hard nickel and hard 24-carat gold alloys (220HV).

AmaFlex and LigaFlex: electroformable materials with high elastic properties

AmaFlex is a Nickel-Phosphorus (NiP) alloy that has undergone a specific heat treatment to increase its elastic properties. It has been specifically developed for spring applications requiring a low Young’s modulus. Exposed to strong electromagnetic fields, NiP remains insensitive because it is 100% non-magnetic.

LigaFlex is an electroformed nickel-iron (NiFe) alloy with high mechanical properties. With a yield strength of more than 2000MPa, this material allows the realization of complex spring function components, while benefiting from the advantages of UV-LIGA technology.

Non-magnetic anchor and anchor wheel produced in UV-LIGA technology

On a market of 8.5 million mechanical watches, nearly 15% of escapements (anchors, anchor wheels) come from Mimotec SA. With nearly 2500 different parts produced each year in their factory in Sion, escapements are by far their “best-sellers” with more than one million wheels delivered. The exhaust is a good example of a strategic component for which the UV-LIGA* process offers many advantages over traditional production methods. One of these advantages is the choice of electroformed nickel-phosphorus (NiP) material, which is 100% non-magnetic. Combined with high precision and design freedom, the UV-LIGA process is now a must for escapement components (escape wheel, anchor and sting).

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