Mimotec offers its customers a new microtechnical assembly service

Mimotec has invested in a workstation with a servo press and CompactS-KE Axnum cross working table. This new machine means Mimotec can offer its customers a complementary service, specifically the delivery of subassemblies (e.g. axis and wheel).

Absolute precision

Mimotec provides flexible production thanks to 3-axis motorisation. The vertical axis guarantees the pressing force and positioning.

With this servo press, the company eliminates all assembly defects from its production.


Workstation with Servo Press and CompactS-KE Axnum Cross Working Table

Moving Towards Industry 4.0

Unlike conventional presses, this machine integrates everything in one: force sensor, motor control, and control software which optimises assembly precision.

Smart automation enables Mimotec to produce smaller batches and more customized assembly with reduced lead times.