Our white paper on UV-LIGA technology

Electroforming additive technology is also known as UV-LIGA technology.

It opens new perspectives in the miniaturization of components, as well as in the micro-structuring of surfaces.

This technique allows the production of very high precision geometries, which cannot be obtained by the usual production processes such as milling, electro-erosion, laser cutting or stamping.

UV-LIGA technology is inexpensive and pushes the limits of traditional methods. It is ideal for rapid prototyping as well as high volume production, allowing a level of micrometric precision and an unmatched quality of surface finish.

UV-LIGA technology has been used in industrial applications for over 25 years. Typical applications are watch components, micro gears, plastic micro injection and test tips in the microelectronics field.

As a pioneer in the additive manufacturing of high precision components, Mimotec offers a technology that pushes the limits of traditional methods. It goes without saying that the examples given in this document are by no means exhaustive. Our teams are at your disposal to study your most ambitious projects.

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