Advantages of CLR-Liga

CLR-Liga enables fast and straightforward authentication of your products. It also provides effective protection against counterfeiting, requiring very little infrastructure: a simple laser pointed at the nanostructure is enough to verify the product. CLR-Liga is extremely discreet and can be applied to both micromechanical components and injected plastic parts.


All types of logos or simple designs are possible. Working off an image in JPEG or PDF format, we can encode the image according to a diffractive surface principle.


This method of verification applies exclusively to components made using the UV-LIGA process. Even if there is only a very small surface area that is visible, an area of 0.500 x 0.500 mm (256 pixels) is sufficient to diffract any logo. Depending on the desired resolution, we can increase the diffractive area to 1 mm2 (512 pixels).


CLR-Liga can be applied to a wide variety of LIGA components and can be made with all of our electroformable materials, including: - Nickel (Ni-550HV) - Nickel-phosphorus (NiP-560HV) - LigaFlex™ (NiFe-610HV) - AmaFlex™ (NiP-560HV + TT) - 24-carat hard gold (Au24-220HV)