The extensive design freedom that UV-LIGA technology allows opens up a wide range of possibilities in terms of the dimensions and geometries of microstructures. These structures, produced by photolithography, are of unparalleled finesse and strictly comply with the theoretical profile. Whatever the geometrical complexity of the structure, it has no impact on the price of the component.


The vast majority of micro-sieves have several hundred thousand holes, with diameters of 5 to 50µm. The precise positioning of each of the cavities is in the micron range. Thanks to our ultra-modern equipment and expertise, we can guarantee grid thicknesses as small as 30µm or more.


Our additive manufacturing technique offers a choice of hard nickel-based stainless materials (550HV). Among these, nickel-phosphorus is 100% non-magnetic, and nickel-iron offers excellent elastic properties. We also produce components made of hard 24-carat gold (220HV), mainly used in X-ray imaging applications.