UV-LIGA: More than one million exhausts produced at Mimotec


In a market of 8.5 million mechanical watches, nearly 15% of escapements ( anchors, anchor wheels ) come from Mimotec SA.

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Hubert Lorenz, Mimotec has established itself over the years as an important player in the watch industry. Better known for prototyping and small series, UV-LIGA technology is today also used for “mass” production.

With nearly 2500 different items produced each year in our Sion factory, the escapement wheel and the anchor are by far our “best-seller” with more than one million wheels delivered in 2019. The escapement is a fine example of a strategic component for which the UV-LIGA* process offers many advantages over traditional production methods.

One of the advantages lies in the choice of electroformed nickel-phosphorous (NiP) material, which is 100% non-magnetic. Combined with high precision and design freedom, the UV-LIGA process has now become a must for exhaust components (exhaust wheel, anchor and stinger).

Anxious to deliver a product that is as complete as possible, Mimotec also offers to supply assembled exhaust wheels. Equipped with ultra-modern installations and backed by several years of experience, Sigatec, our sister company, today assembles exhaust systems in silicon and LIGA.

Open to the whole of the Swiss and foreign watchmaking industry, Mimotec is positioned as a reliable partner offering robust technology from prototype to mass production.

*UV-LIGA: manufacturing method by galvanic growth

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