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Micro parts for great ideas

Welcome to the world of micro mechanics. You will discover on our website a unique technology that extends the limits of traditional manufacturing methods. Named UV-LIGA, our technology provides an industrial solution for the miniaturisation of components: Automobile, MedTec, Connectivity, Micro fluidics and Micro moulds as well as the fight against counterfeiting. Suitably adapted fast prototyping (FastProto) as well as for small and large series, our UV-LIGA technology guarantees a unique quality which continues throughout each stage of your project.

  • Micro parts for great ideas
  • Micro parts for great ideas

Mimotec SA

The Swiss company Mimotec SA was founded in November 1998 following the thesis work of its CEO, Dr Hubert Lorenz. Well known specialists and leaders both in Switzerland and abroad in the fields of micro technology and micromechanics ever since their creation. The company continues its development in all fields relating to micro manufacturing, with perpetual impetus of innovation and acquisition of new knowledge.

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