Our mission

Micro parts for big ideas.

Our precision workmanship enables us to make smaller and smaller parts. But we also strive to minimize the resources needed to manufacture them.

Mimotec is committed to ESG and has set ambitious targets to meet the challenges of the future.

What is ESG?

The acronym ESG stands for three criteria widely used to assess a company’s environmental, social and governance performance. Here’s a brief explanation of these three components:

Environmental (E): This covers the company’s environmental sustainability practices, including carbon management, natural resource conservation, and other initiatives to reduce environmental impact.

Social (S): This dimension concerns the social aspects of company performance, encompassing practices related to human rights, working conditions, diversity and inclusion, as well as other social issues.

Governance (G): This is an assessment of the company’s governance structure, encompassing transparency of operations, management accountability, board composition, and other elements related to the way the company is managed and controlled.